Poetry (thơ) - Lifetime of Samsara

Lifetime of Samsara

Awaken yet from Samsara sleep ?
Drifting through thousand lifetimes in misery
Evasive clouds are beauty, fortune, fame and benefits
Strolling in dreamland; drowning in ocean of ignorance.

Awake, return to true nature
Release the hands that cradle relic desires
Regard them as products of fantasies
Suffering, happiness can turn men’s hair gray.

Enlighten mind with meditation
Hungry eat, thirsty drink, escape the illusory web
Bodhichitta vow mind hitherto cultivate
Loving kindness, compassion, joy, detachment mindfully abide .

Gong resonates echo  mind  awakes from golden slumber
Monk’s robe and renunciation open the path to liberation
Old vow now realized
Hoist wisdom moon in this world’s heaven. 

Great Master Phap Van