Poetry (thơ) - My Home Land

My Home Land

My homeland, the western sky fills with deep-set clouds
Stretching from ten thousand Buddha worlds afar
Ancient pagodas with seven precious lotus mandalas
Devine birds sings songs of free-will life
There, my dear father, Amitabha Buddha awaits
His eyes reflect endearing gaze of yearning
Sentient beings! Please awake from the sleep of impermanence
Land of ultimate bliss is the homeland I reminisce!
Born as human, I had lost my way
Vowed to save sentient beings,
I followed Mahayana practice
Turned around my footsteps to find my old path
In highest state of the seven jewels pond I will incarnate
Where supreme beings greet visitors with sufficient merits and karma
Traveling on the great ship of Faith, Virtue, and Perfect Wisdom
To deliver sentient beings from the cycle of rebirth.  

Great Master Phap Van