Poetry (thơ) - Where Will Meditation Lead Me?

Where Will Meditation Lead Me?

Revered Master: “Where will meditation Lead me?”
Years of practice, I am still sorrow
Ignorance, affliction, more bondage
Love and friendship create mental aversions.

Dharma fellow inquired, this humble monk reply
Meditation: body, speech and mind end suffering
Ignorance, afflictive emotions due to wrongful thoughts
Six worldly perceptions purified, attain deep meditation.

Three thousand worlds adorned beautiful flowers and youth
Nirvana, birth and death depend on realizing nature of reality
Freely, naturally, happily abide in emptiness
Eternal youths are those whose minds enlightened by Wisdom.

Meditation-put more effort in your practice!
Early morning, late night meditate eliminate sorrow
Purify karma, end attachment, mind in peace
Who else is there to cause delusion?

Blessed virtues, mind harmonize in dharma
Give teaching in accord to human’s dispositions
Near death, supreme lotus petals blossom
Eternal dharma body radiates  

Great Master Phap Van